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Have A Life AND Pay Off Debt

You know you should really be saving more, or paying off your debt faster.

However when you're faced with something you feel a powerful urge to buy you tell yourself some combination of: you only live once / it's not really that expensive / I'll be good next month / it's just this once / I deserve it / I'll figure out the money somehow / I really want it! So you buy it.

Because the alternative seems to be a living a life which has a tidy bank account but little or no joy (and not many of us want to live like that.)

If you recognise yourself in that description, then "How to have a life AND pay off debt" is ideal for you. At this workshop we will cover:A new definition of needs and wants 

  • How to figure out what you really need 
  • How to meet those needs without breaking out the credit card or extending the mortgage 
  • The one simple thing you can do every day which will improve your financial situation 
  • Why doing all these things will stop you simply going back into debt once it's paid off (a depressingly common problem) 

Helping Your Teenager With Their (future) Student Loan

So many parents fall into what I call “The Sour Spot”:

  • They earn too much for their children to qualify for student allowances,
  • And at the same time, they don’t earn enough to be able to pay fees, course costs and living expenses for their children

There are some simple steps to take to help your teenagers make wise decisions which will minimise the impact of student loans on their future. This two hour workshop sets out how.

Soulful Christmas, Sane Finance

This 90 minute workshop is packed full of ideas on how to plan an idyllic Christmas, full of all the things you love most about the season, without the financial hangover that Christmas can bring. You will leave feeling inspired to get started and create a Christmas celebration that will not only be meaningful for you and your family, but which you know will leave you with both the energy and the money to begin the New Year the way you want to.

In the several months I have been working with Sarah McMurray I have gone from despairing about my financial future and what might become of me, to taking my power over my money and therefore my whole life. My deepest gratitude to Sarah for her wise guidance.
Pamela, Sydney Australia

"Time spent with Sarah is very likely one of the most important things you could do in terms of relating to money and solving money issues. Sarah is very measured and organised but totally approachable, a lot of fun and provides great clarity regarding what is driving your money habits both good and bad."

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