Working With International Clients

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“But I’m Not In New Zealand!”

You don't have to be.  

We can still work together. How does that break down? Like this:

  • I bill you in your currency and you can pay via online banking or PayPal
  • We meet using Zoom Online Meetings
  • All times and dates for appointments are given in your time zone 
  • Because of the time zone differences, I can offer you evening appointments during the week and Sunday appointments during the day if you live in North, Central or South America

Have a look at the schedule below to see how the timing works for you:


Still not sure if this would work for you? Contact me and I’ll call you for a free, no obligation 30 minute phone call, so we can figure out if we are a good fit to work together.

Sarah changed the way I thought about money. When I first met her I was in debt and could see no way out, despite being so strict on myself. I couldn't imagine that just a year later - and with no income change - I would have savings and be hunting for my first home. I've gone from being a victim of my circumstances to being genuinely empowered financially. I'm over penny-pinching budget tactics. Sarah's approach deals with the greater strategy, holistically. There's no judgement over avocado toast.
Client Testimonial

"Time spent with Sarah is very likely one of the most important things you could do in terms of relating to money and solving money issues. Sarah is very measured and organised but totally approachable, a lot of fun and provides great clarity regarding what is driving your money habits both good and bad."

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