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For Better Finances in 2018: First – Be Ready to Change

Steps for Better Finances

Do you want to finally get on top of your money in 2018?  Save for large purchases?  Pay down debt?  Stop relying on credit to get you through the month?

Brilliant!! You can do any of those things.  You just need to do one thing first:

  • Decide that you are ready to change how you deal with your money.

Changing how you deal with your money will almost certainly change your life for the better.

Say hello to having more money for the things and people you love!  Say goodbye to money stress!  Enjoy every purchase, knowing that you can afford it!

But change is hard.  It takes energy and persistence.

So if you want a different outcome, but aren’t able to commit to change, maybe you should let yourself off the “be better with money” resolution in 2018.  2019 may be when you have the headspace and energy to deal with it.

And if you’d like help with the process of change, call me.  It’s what I do.

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